LexisNexis IPlytics launches undeclared patent universe for video coding patents

March 20, 2023 LexisNexis® IPlytics, a leading provider of patent and standardized technology intelligence acquired by LexisNexis in 2022, announces a major milestone in its commitment to providing open and accessible data.

The company has expanded its database solution to include undisclosed patents that are potentially essential to the AVC, HEVC, and VVC video coding generations. IPlytics Undeclared Patent Universe also provides the semantic essentiality score (SES), giving stakeholders an insight into the likelihood of these patents being essential to the respective standards. With this new solution, IPlytics empowers its user to understand the hidden world of standards-related patents beyond what is declared or pooled.

IPlytics’ mission is changing how professionals and subject matter experts can access patents behind video coding technologies like AVC, HEVC, and VVC. IPlytics Undeclared Patent Universe provides a vast landscape of potentially essential patents at the user’s fingertips, making the search process much easier. No longer do users need to spend countless hours searching for the information they need, or pay high costs to a service provider. With just a few clicks of a mouse, they can now identify the video coding patent landscape in one place. 

IPlytics Undeclared Patent Universe supports competition analysis and licensing endeavors, giving users a valuable edge in understanding what patents other market participants own under the cover of blanket declarations.

 To ensure full transparency, IPlytics added its Semantic Essentiality Score (SES), which is based on a semantic mapping of the patents’ independent claims to the sections of the technical specifications to which the patent closely matches. In this way, not only is the landscape of AVC, HEVC, and VVC more accessible, but users can now start to comprehend how relevant or how likely essential each patent in the landscape is to the different video coding technology generations’ specifications.

For Portfolio Managers

  • Gain a clear view of your competition in the video coding sector.
  • Discover patents that may be essential, even though they’re hidden behind blanket declarations.
  • Adjust your portfolio strategy for video coding based on more accessible data.

For Licensing and litigation professionals

  • Understand the scope of the declared patent portfolio behind blanket declarations.
  • Easily recognize the proportion of the landscape owned by major players in the video coding tech area.
  • Use the SES on patent portfolios combined with AVC, HEVC, and VVC contribution data to gain a more accurate understanding of what patents are now likely essential.

IPlytics is the go-to source for understanding the patents behind video coding technologies like AVC, HEVC, and VVC. IPlytics’ transparent and accessible data and powerful semantic essentiality score give businesses the edge they need to succeed in licensing and other business efforts.

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