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Make Smarter Investment Decisions Using Big Data Innovation Analytics

Get unparalleled predictive insights using investor datasets powered by LexisNexis® PatentSight®.

Improve your investment strategies with patent data for investors

Patents are future-oriented and possess high predictive power. With the right approach to patent analysis, you can:

Predict future trends

Never miss important technology trends and identify disruptive players early on.

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Understand companies and technologies

Gain profound insights into technology landscapes or corporate strategies. Identify potentially impactful start-ups.

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Assess the risks and opportunities

Perceive internal and external risks and opportunities that technology-driven companies are likely to face.

Comprehensive patent datasets built for investors 

Our investor datasets include all standard patent measures, our unique innovation KPIs, and longitudinal datasets with point-in-time history. All publicly listed companies are mapped to financial identifiers to enable a direct inclusion into any data feed. 

IP insights supporting any investment stage

PatentSight® analysis meets the requirements for information during the pre-and post-investment stages.

Portfolio Analysis

Ownership Check: Patent identification; Assignee validation; Company assignment

Legal Status Check: Validity and remaining lifetime of patent portfolio

Portfolio Quality Check: Strengths and weaknesses of patent portfolio

Competitor Analysis

Peer Group Identification: Identification of peer group from a technology point of view

Peer Group Benchmark: Benchmark of innovative strength of peer group

Competition Analysis: Positioning of a target company in the competitive environment

Portfolio Optimization

Value Distribution: Identification of relevant and non-relevant patents

Cost Calculator: Calculation of patent maintenance costs and saving potential

Portfolio Strategy Optimization: How to exploit cost savings and better protect IP assets


A Case Study of Palantir: Using Advanced Patent Analytics to Aid Investment Decisions

Read an in-depth study of Palantir’s patent holdings to understand how advanced patent analytics can help investors measure the future business potential of technology companies.

See firsthand how patent data can enhance your investing strategy

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