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Align IP Strategy With Business Priorities Using Actionable Insights

Provide actionable insights to support strategic decision making and empower your IP department with LexisNexis® PatentSight® patent analytics. 

Reveal insights into any patent portfolio with PatentSight®

Effectively communicate your findings with powerful insights and visualizations, enabling you to turn your patent department into a strategic consulting unit.


Data points


Pre-designed templates



PatentSight benefits at a glance

Patent value indicators

Assess patent quality using Patent Asset Index — an objective measure of global technological strength and impact.

Accurate ownership information

Save time working with pre-corrected applicant data, including information related to recent M&A activity.

Rapidly distinguish between patent families that are in force, pending or inactive, allowing you to focus your analyses on active patent families only.

Sustainability assessments

Conduct objective patent analyses against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Big data

Analyze technology fields of any size with unlimited processing power.

Patent details

Drill down from technology landscapes to corporate portfolios to individual patents or patent families.

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New findings

Impress colleagues and key decision makers with previously unknown insights.

Technology fields

Benefit from pre-defined technology fields.

Annuity fees

Uncover cost savings in your patent portfolio.

Multi-language environment

Experience analysis and review work in fully adjusted Japanese and Korean language user interfaces. Create and present materials to share information with Japanese and Korean-speaking departments and management without having to translate English texts.

Stay ahead of the innovation curve

Learn how others see you, and survey your market companions from a new perspective.

Competitive intelligence & benchmarking

Stay ahead of the competition and disruptive technologies.

  • Monitor and analyze competitors’ R&D strategies as well as competitive and technological landscapes.
  • Identify emerging competitors and new entrants early.
  • Provide proactive recommendations for strategy to top management.

Disruptive technology scouting

Spot upcoming competitors and disruptive innovations early on. Stay up to date on current technology trends and explore the patent landscape in any way you find insightful.

  • Identify disruptive technologies.
  • Reveal R&D trends.
  • Explore complementary technologies.

Sustainable innovation analytics

Get actionable insights into how sustainably focused you and your competitors are using the objective and forward-looking measurement of patents. An unprecedented mapping of the global patent system to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) makes sustainably focused innovation identifiable, searchable, and trackable.

  • Identify growth opportunities in emerging markets.
  • Gain competitive advantages in future-oriented technologies.
  • Support strategic decision making for sustainable investments.
  • Increase stakeholder engagement and funding.

Risk assessment

Successfully mitigate risks that can harm your IP department and business. Keep track of your competitors in your recent and potential technology fields and avoid:

  • Being unaware of an up-and-coming competitor
  • Missing out on important technological trends
  • Threats from non-practicing entities (NPEs)
  • Patent infringements, particularly on Standard Essential Patents (SEPs)

R&D and innovation

Improve your innovation performance through a deep knowledge of technologies, competitors, and partners.

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of innovation landscapes.
  • Identify growth areas.
  • Monitor the actions taking place in your competitive environment.

Portfolio management & optimization

Determine your patent portfolio’s competitive strengths and weaknesses to better understand what strategies or actions are necessary to stay ahead of competition.

  • Increase portfolio efficiencies.
  • Define country filing strategies.
  • Manage annuity costs.
  • Uncover pruning potential and cost-saving opportunities.


Identify the companies building on your portfolio. Through high-quality subsequent art monitoring, find promising licensing opportunities that help you turn your patent department from a cost center into a profit center.

  • Find your most valuable patents for licensing.
  • Identify potential licensees.
  • Pinpoint standard-relevant patents.
  • Determine your leverageable position.
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Who Are the Global Leaders in Sustainable Innovation?

In a first-of-its-kind report, learn which companies are the world’s leading patent owners with the potential to drive transformative innovation toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Which companies are pioneering the future of science and technology?

Download Innovation Momentum 2023: The Global Top 100 to find out! Using our proprietary patent quality metrics to look at the global patent landscape we list out the Top 100 innovators worldwide. Read the full report to discover which companies are at the forefront of innovation, driving future technologies.

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More PatentSight benefits


Improve your workflows with alerts.


Leverage interactive and customized charts.

Export presentations

Export your analysis with just a few clicks to a board-room-worthy PowerPoint presentation.


Enjoy enterprise-ready collaboration and workflow features.

Point-in-time data

Watch the IP landscape developing over time.

Open data

Integrate external data from internal lists or third-party software.

Non-practicing entities

Identify NPEs in your technology field with ease and spot all non-practicing entities’ threats.


Get faster and more reliable answers by effectively prioritizing the results of your FTO search.

Standard essential patents

Identify standard essential patents in your competitive environment.

Ensure reliability and efficiency in your work with best-in-class patent data

Ultimate Owner Concept

How to overcome the challenges of patent data quality using PatentSight

While patent data is publicly available and can be sourced from patent offices worldwide, the quality of the raw data is often insufficient for decision making.

A common reason analysts struggle to work with patent data is incomplete ownership information. Patents do not necessarily state the entity ultimately controlling them. They might be filed under various names such as subsidiaries or inventors, making it almost impossible to create a holistic company profile. Without knowing which company has the commercial power over an invention, analyses become void.

Enhancing raw, global patent data with value-add data and data enrichments enables businesses to get a better understanding of patent portfolios—their own and those of competitors, partners, potential licensees or M&A targets.

Streamline your IP analytics workflows

Empower all the stakeholders in your workflow with user-specific access to your analyses on PatentSight. Share entire workbooks and analyses with the broader team, allowing them to review the insights without fear of anyone introducing unintended changes to the search criteria or charts.

Access controls to enable seamless collaboration

These restrictions allow a seamless flow of analyses, insights and feedback between various levels of stakeholders in an organization. Industry leaders take advantage of these access controls to significantly reduce redundancies and improve organizational workflow performances. 

Enterprise functionality

Permissions to share workbooks with team members and grant individualized access rights. Workbooks can be shared by enterprise users with stakeholders and offer three levels of access control to them.

Reviewer functionality

Access workbooks that are ready for review and include comments or adjust search criteria according to the insights needed.

Reader functionality

Directly access all the insightful analyses created by your team within PatentSight. A reader account is best suited for the following roles in an organization: Head of IP/R&D/technology, CTO etc., internal consultants/analysts, and other organizational decision makers interested in technology insights.

Unlock the true value of your portfolio

Learn how to profit from sound patent analysis.

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