LexisNexis 5G Report
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Who Is Leading the 5G Patent Race?

Get a unique overview of the 5G patent landscape, including the key players and trends and the implications for various industries.

LexisNexis 5G Report
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The visionaries driving the global 5G revolution

Harnessing the power of the most comprehensive Standard Essential Patent (SEP) declaration data and industry-wide acknowledged patent valuation metrics, we unveil the undisputed champions of the 5G world, presenting you with the definitive list of the Top 50 proprietors of 5G patent families.

LexisNexis 5G Report
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Get up to speed on the next technology revolution

The report illuminates the transformative potential of 5G standards protocols, unleashing a wave of possibilities for game-changing applications in autonomous driving, IoT ecosystems, and countless other industries poised to thrive in the era of unparalleled connectivity.

Discover invaluable insights and strategic recommendations tailored not only for SEP licensors and licensees but also for forward-thinking businesses eager to embrace 5G technology.

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LexisNexis 5G Report
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